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15 May 2022

28 Days


I took on the ambitious project of developing the World Financial Symposiums (WFS) website, which served as a comprehensive platform for educating technology leaders. This project was marked by its scale, with a substantial backend infrastructure and extensive databases.

One of the core responsibilities in this project was managing and integrating webcasts and conferences seamlessly into the website. Leveraging my expertise in Wix Velo development, I worked diligently to ensure that the website's backend could efficiently handle the large volume of data related to these events. This encompassed not only adding webcasts and conferences but also maintaining a user-friendly interface for visitors to access these valuable resources.

This project was a testament to the intricate work required to create a user-friendly, educational platform on a grand scale. By effectively managing the backend and databases and incorporating webcasts and conferences, I contributed to the success of World Financial Symposiums in their mission to educate technology leaders and provide them with valuable insights and knowledge.

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