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- Design - Development- Sat Feb 19 2022- 42 Days-

Suburb Finder

The Project started with a simple but awesome design which had to develop into complex functionalities.
• A highly advanced AI based suburb finder capable of suggesting top 10 suburbs depending upon user preferences. Users can pick from home or unit, number of bedrooms, distance from CBD , etc and a AI based prioritizing the preferences of the user. Users can also add upto three addresses they want to close to or far away from.
• Searching a suburb by its name or postal code, showing suggestions/predictions and redirecting to the top suggestion/prediction if enter key is pressed. Same functionality for suburb page for all the suburbs and a save button to save suburbs in account of the logged in user, if not logged in, force user to login.
• Saved suburbs have a rank or number that when were they saved. Ability to change their rank in an interactive way so that if we change rank of a suburb from 3 to 4, every suburb will shift their position by one ( 4 goes to 5 and 5 goes to 6 and so on )

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