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- Development - Sat Feb 19 2022 - 42 Days -

Suburb Finder

The project's primary goal is to create a suburb finder platform with advanced AI capabilities. It enables users to find the top 10 suburbs matching their preferences regarding housing type, number of bedrooms, distance from the CBD, and more. Users can also specify up to three addresses for proximity considerations.

Key features include an AI-driven suburb finder, real-time suburb search, user account integration for saving suburbs, and a dynamic ranking system for saved suburbs. For unregistered users, the system prompts them to log in before saving suburbs. The saved suburbs will be organized with a ranking system, and users can change ranks interactively, causing a shift in positions.

From a technical perspective, this project involves front-end development for a user-friendly interface, implementing real-time search features, an AI algorithm for recommendations, user management, and a dynamic ranking system. It's essential to consider data privacy and security, responsive design, regular database updates, and user support for a smooth user experience.

In summary, this project presents a complex but valuable solution for users seeking the ideal suburb based on their unique preferences and addresses.

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