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- Development - Tue Feb 01 2022 - 14 Days -


The project started with a normal design which had to develop into complex functionalities.
• Advanced filters for events, events can be filtered by any chosen month or date, also working as a mega filter for budget, country, category, tour operator and ability, etc.
• Advanced sign up for users, users can sign up as tour seeker or the tour organizer. Both users have different options and process after the sign up like tour seeker goes to different page after sign up and the tour organizer goes to different page.
• Ability for the tour organizer to create a tour, edit his tour or delete it. Ability for the tour seeker to request joining the tour. Tour organizer can approve a request or deny it. No one can request joining the tour if the participant count for a tour is full which is determined by tour organizer
• An admin page ( dashboard page ) to see analytics how many people registered, were they tour seekers or organizers, filter new members page date, month or year, ability to delete a member.

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Jona Schlober

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