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15 May 2022

90 Days

Perfect Jobs

This project involves the creation of an advanced job portal that caters to both job seekers and companies. Users can sign up as job seekers or companies, and the homepage showcases active job listings with various filters, allowing users to search by name, description, remote or on-site work, and more.

The admin plays a crucial role in approving companies and their job postings, with only approved companies having the privilege to post jobs on the portal. Admin also oversees various statistics, including the number of companies and job seekers joining the platform, jobs posted, and job-specific metrics like clicks. Additionally, admin handles offline payments and job approvals.

For companies, they can post jobs and choose a plan that determines how long their job advertisement will be displayed on the portal. After the selected period, the job listing expires and is hidden, but companies can renew their subscriptions to extend the advertisement. Companies can edit or delete their posted jobs, make payments via Stripe, PayPal, or opt for offline payments. They have personalized profile pages that can be customized and can feature blog posts. Companies manage job applications and view statistics related to their job postings. They also have settings for their profile information.

Job seekers can apply for jobs, and their account settings allow them to upload their CV, which can be reused for quick applications. They can send a new CV each time they apply. Job seekers can track the progress of their applications and update their contact details for easy communication with companies.

In summary, this project aims to create a comprehensive job portal that serves the needs of both job seekers and companies, providing a platform for job posting, applications, and management.

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