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13 September 2023

42 Days


The DJ platform provides a comprehensive service for DJs to access an extensive library of playlists. DJs can register on the platform, choose from various subscription plans, and gain access to the platform's playlists for a week, a month, or a year. With a wide range of genres and subgenres available, DJs can easily find the perfect playlist for their event. Each genre can contain multiple subgenres, and each subgenre can have multiple playlists, ensuring diversity and flexibility in music selection.

The platform's music player offers an intuitive interface for DJs to navigate through playlists. DJs can select a genre, choose a subgenre, and then pick a playlist to begin playing music. Within the music player, DJs have the flexibility to start any playlist and switch between songs at any time. Additionally, they can reset the playback or search for specific songs by name or singer.

Each playlist consists of multiple songs, with detailed information provided such as song duration and singer names. This enables DJs to plan their sets effectively and create seamless transitions between tracks. When a playlist concludes, the music player automatically transitions to the next playlist with a smooth fade-out and fade-in effect, ensuring uninterrupted music flow.

For those who want to explore the platform before committing to a subscription, a trial mode is available. In the trial mode, users can access the music player for two hours. After the trial period ends, users are prompted to purchase a subscription plan to continue accessing the platform's features. However, the trial resets automatically after 24 hours, allowing users to revisit the platform for another two-hour trial period. This ensures that users have ample opportunity to experience the platform's capabilities before making a decision to subscribe.

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