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4 June 2022

35 Days

G60 Performance

In the project for G60 Performance, I undertook the task of enhancing their golf coaching program to provide a customized experience for each golfer. This initiative aimed to empower golf enthusiasts to unlock their full potential by tailoring coaching to their unique game, lifestyle, and goals.

A significant part of this project involved integrating and configuring Wix Bookings to streamline the scheduling process. I also added customizations to the Wix Bookings backend using the Booking Velo API. This was no small feat, as it presented a complex challenge due to the need to handle bookings dynamically based on admin configurations set from the dashboard.

The heart of the complexity lay in automating the backend processes to automatically cancel bookings under specific conditions. This required a deep understanding of the Wix platform, the Booking Velo API, and meticulous coding to ensure a seamless and user-friendly experience for both golfers and administrators. The end result was a transformative coaching program that not only met the diverse needs of golfers but also ensured efficient management of bookings, making it a game-changer for G60 Performance and their clients.

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