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10 April 2022

14 Days

BOP Consulting

For the BOP Consulting project, I took on the role of a Certified Wix Velo developer and leveraged my three years of experience in web development to address a significant challenge. BOP Consulting is a global research and consulting practice focused on culture and the creative economy, and they required a seamless integration of SEO data with Google for their dynamic item pages and the entire website.

The main hurdle in this project was ensuring that SEO data was sent to Google effectively for every dynamic item page and all other pages on the website. This task involved handling substantial amounts of data and ensuring that it complied with Google's schema validator, a crucial aspect for improving search engine visibility and ranking.

To tackle this challenge, I employed my expertise in Wix Velo, utilizing the platform's capabilities to create a system that could automatically send SEO data to Google for each dynamic item page. This involved designing a structured and efficient data management system to handle the volume of information effectively.

Through meticulous coding, data management, and schema validation, I successfully achieved the goal of providing BOP Consulting with a website that not only met their dynamic content needs but also maintained a strong presence in search engine results. This project exemplifies the seamless integration of web development expertise with the intricacies of SEO and dynamic content management, ultimately contributing to BOP Consulting's online success in the global research and consulting sphere.

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