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Ali the Dev

Full stack Wix Velo Developer

With three years of expertise as a seasoned Wix Velo Developer, I have established a distinguished career marked by relentless innovation and superior web solutions. My senior roles at Codilyze and Velo Touch included leading-edge web development and project management. Additionally, as a Level 2 Seller on Fiverr, I consistently deliver top-notch results to a diverse clientele, further affirming my technical prowess and dedication to client satisfaction. My passion for harnessing Wix Velo's capabilities and staying at the forefront of industry trends positions me as a highly proficient and reliable developer, dedicated to crafting exceptional digital experiences.

Ali the Dev | Wix Velo Developer

Wix Icon Level Partner

Wix Legend Level Partner

Officially Wix Velo Certified

Latest Work

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BOP Consulting

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BOP Consulting

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